gingko-tree-fruitChoosing to consult with a psychotherapist, and making a first appointment, you may begin to feel less alone, overwhelmed, or “stuck.” At your first visit you will be affirmed, just as you are.

While keeping in mind the complexity of your life and situation, a psychotherapist often recognizes familiar patterns in your concerns leading to effective ways to help.

Most importantly, a psychotherapist makes every effort to respect your uniqueness, listen with compassion, and support you in achieving your goals. Psychotherapists understand change as a process and invite you to engage in the process with them.

Private Practice in Adult Clinical Psychology: Individuals & Relationships

leaf-lightMy practice offers private, clinical psychology services in the southwest Ohio area specializing in adult clinical assessment and psychotherapy with individuals, couples and groups.

Areas of focus may include concerns related to depression and anxiety, stress, grief, anger, and relationships, and substance abuse. My practice is GLBT affirmative and 12-step process friendly.

Things people often accomplish in therapy:

  • stop feeling “stuck” or “out of control”
  • come through a transition
  • overcome despair
  • make a choice
  • survive a crisis
  • decide to quit
  • manage stress
  • resolve conflict
  • learn to “fight fair”
  • ease the pain of loss
  • speak up for yourself
  • manage a panic attack
  • be referred for medication
  • reduce anxiety & depression
  • cope with a chronic condition
  • find acceptance as a GLBT person
  • affirm and accept your uniqueness
  • set boundaries in relationships
  • accept that somethings can’t be changed
  • etc., etc., etc.

The Helping Relationship

heart-leafStudies show that what “works” in psychotherapy is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist.

Although professional skill and knowledge can be taught, the essential qualities of empathy and trust cannot. People with whom I have worked value these qualities, as well as my warmth and humor. Sharing private things is so much easier when you feel accepted and at ease. As part of a shared alliance, I can work with you to challenge the “usual and customary” of your life. Sometimes the most simple information and advice can help you make the meaningful changes that you’ve been looking for.

So make a call or leave a message. This is the first step. When I return your call and we talk, you can get a feel for our ability to work together. This is essential. Call and check me out!

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